“Transform” refers to our interior design focus.  We expertly create a new scheme to reflect your signature style!  A new home should feel familiar yet fresh.  You’re moving into a new lifestyle.  So let your abode reflect that change.

 • Transform with general decluttering & streamlining

We start with space clearing before your move occurs.  So the moving process goes quicker and smoother when you rely on our objective eye.  We focus on retaining what is essential.  What is useful.  And always what is loved…in just the right quantities!  You will feel physically and mentally clearer with your “new” space!

• Transform with your own furniture & accessories

Space planning comes into play again!  We suggest simple yet common-sense design for your new layout.  It’s not always necessary to acquire new furnishings.  We can repurpose your existing things in a novel way!  Sometimes, all it takes is a few tweaks: relocating your occasional chair, an armoire or a painting.  Or, featuring previously stored collectibles which sport your favorite color.  Getting a professional opinion is invaluable.  We define your personal style without breaking the bank!

• Transform with a completely new start

Sometimes your existing belongings no longer suit your future lifestyle.  If so, we can craft a whole new theme!  We take cues from your new direction.  Yet we still honor your past.  In other words, we guide your furniture and accessory choices to support your new outlook along with a nod to your roots.  Your home should reflect your personality yet satisfy functionality in a beautiful way.

adapt to avoid risks such as falling

We sit down with you to understand your transformational goals

Adapt a bathroom for safety and comfort

We then curate an appealing abode which supports your new direction


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