“Reallocate” refers to our sorting and dispersal services.  Often there are excess personal belongings that will not go to your new abode.  We assist you with determining how to rehome those items. 


Reallocating is one of the hardest steps for most!

Regardless of the condition or market value, it is very difficult

to let things go.  You may have acquired items from your

travels.  They could be gifts from dear friends or relatives.


Ultimately, you may not be currently using the items.  

They may be hidden in a drawer or closet.  They may not suit

 your decorating style.  But with our objective yet empathetic

 guidance, the process will occur quicker and easier. You’ll have

 peace of mind that the new owner will appreciate and make

good use of your items! 


• Personal distributions

Items can be earmarked for specific bequests to family and friends. You choose if they will be stored for pick up or shipped directly.

  • Charitable donations

We arrange for a local charity truck to gather donations.  We collect the receipt for your tax return itemization.

  •  Facilitate sales

Items you wish to sell will be carefully segregated or even temporarily stored.  We provide professional selling resources matched to the type of household goods.  Whether an estate sale coordinator, an online site or a local second-hand shop, you’ll be connected with a venue to rehome your excess items at a profit.

  • Trash disposal

Remaining items with little to no shelf life are relegated to curb disposal. We contract for a dumpster service when there are massive quantities to be discarded.

reallocate to eliminate clutter

A daunting task!

reallocate to get rid of excess stuff

Our Team is on it!



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