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Our move services are designed to ensure a hassle-free transition for you!  A move to a smaller or different layout poses different challenges.  Moving to a smaller space means letting go of many of your current belongings.  Moving to a different layout means your belongings need to be evaluated to fit in a similar size space but in a different configuration.  Either way, we perform the following move services tht you can use:


• Initial evaluation
This is one of our fundamental move services.  Each move is unique!  We start with a complementary initial consultation to determine what your needs are.  We discuss where you are relocating to and what the new physical layout will be.  You also get to learn who we are and how we work.  Then, we provide a detailed written estimate for our move services.  We also give you an overall plan and timetable.

• Space planning
We develop a custom floor plan for your new abode.  It utilizes your personally selected furniture and belongings.  Everything is measured to ensure we place items appropriately, attractively and to your liking!  If moving to a local older adult community, we also coordinate the move date and details with the appropriate staff.  Additionally, we personally view the new layout to determine accessibility by our move labor and to confirm the final placement for your belongings.

• Moving Oversight
Supplying a capable moving crew which can also pack your things is a standard moving service of ours.  We schedule and supervise your moving crew!  They are carefully vetted for their reputation and respectful handling of your things.  Another one of our move services is to secure a storage unit for unmoved items, if needed.  You can make dispersement decisions later on at your leisure.

• New Abode Setup
Full setup is yet another one of our move services.  We can unpack all boxes!   Everything can be set into place, from furniture and clothing to pictures on the wall and toiletries in the bathroom.  You will enter a home that is familiar and move-in ready.

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