Your Move Managers

It’s important to know your move manager.  Moving is a complex undertaking!  You need to trust the skills and experience of who is overseeing your transition.  Any move can be daunting.  That’s why we help folks of all ages with their move management needs.

We also have specific training and experience as Senior Move Managers®.  We assist elder adults with their particular relocation  concerns!  There are additional emotional aspects with making a change that call for a sympathetic and gentle approach.

No matter the client, we have a solid commitment to understand and fulfill your unique moving situation!

Mary Vraa’s Bio

Mary graduated with a business degree in Marketing.  She has always been passionate about houses (a self-confessed HGTV addict!).  Mary worked in the home mortgage business for 25 years.  This stint reflects her commitment to helping others achieve their home ownership dreams.  As a banking executive, Mary honed her project management and organizational skills.  Therefore, she focused a laser eye towards achieving the end goal on time and on budget.

Intrigued with the Minimalism movement, Mary believes a carefully curated home brings a peaceful sense of joy.  This creates not only physical but mental space.  So excess belongings are released when they are no longer functional or essential.  This applies to wardrobes, collectibles, furniture, etc.  She’s assisted elderly relatives downsize and move.  In fact, she herself has moved many times, both in town and intra-state.  In summary, she knows first-hand the hard work involved in moving!

Second confession: Mary has owned more houses than cars!  Therefore, she has a keen understanding of how to create a solid plan.  She deftly organizes the items moving.  More importantly, she determines what needs to be left behind.  Of course, change can be challenging.  But her focus is not on what is lost.  It is always on what will be gained in the new home.

Wendy Woodard’s Bio

Wendy’s academic studies were in Fine Art.  She has over 30+ years’ experience in interior design!   Wendy has countless successful projects under her belt.

Her  specialty is in space planning.  Her passion is making a space into an efficient yet comfortable abode pleasing to the eye.  She also has a zeal for home staging.  Wendy utilizes the owner’s furnishings whenever possible.  Her principal focus lies in transforming spaces into the best they can be!  She implements attractive functionality without breaking the bank.  Consequently, Wendy never compromises the personal style of the owner.

Like Mary, she has coordinated multiple moves within her own family.  Wendy managed downsizing transitions on numerous occasions.  In fact, she is sought out for this unique skill set!   She saw a genuine and growing need for this specialty.  So Wendy recognized it was time to expand on this experience.  She has a knack for creating a new space that immediately feels like home.  Clearly, this contribution to the team is invaluable!

Bio for Team Mary & Wendy: It’s not just about the boxes!

In 2014, Mary contracted with Wendy to design and oversee a whole house renovation.  While creating a beautiful home, a strong friendship developed, as well.  Together, they share an ardent passion for interior design, a dry sense of humor and love of good food. This quickly led to their professional partnership.  Hence, the birth of Casa Logistics AZ!

At some point in everyone’s life, a move is necessary.  Relocation is often considered an impossible task, unless you contact us!  Our team is up for the task of making a space (of any size) into a comfortable abode.  One that immediately feels like home.  Once we craft a master plan, the move is carefully orchestrated down to the smallest detail.  Your art, furnishings and personal items are appropriately placed.  Our approach is that we are not simply moving boxes!  Instead, we are managing a critical life transition for you.  We focus on getting your furnishings and personal belongings from point A to point B.  Why?  Because you have more important things to do!

We are also members of NASMM.   Click here for more information on our Senior Move Manager® expertise.