Downsizing Tips: 3 Things We’ve Learned

Over 50?  Your next move is most likely a downsizing move.  The kids are grown and out the door.  Or your own needs have changed.  Either way, you'll probably be seeking a simpler setup....a smaller space.  It all makes sense.  So when it's time to start the...

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Downsize: Four Steps to Keep Peace in your Household

When you're ready to downsize, where do you begin?  Folks have very different ideas about what stays and what goes!  Spouses will disagree.  Then when you add adult children to the mix, watch out!  Making a move to a smaller space is definitely challenging.  And...

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Senior Move Manager®: A Baby Boomer’s Best Downsizing Resource

When you're ready to make a move, it feels exciting to think about the change unfolding in your life.  But is your second emotion one of dread about the work ahead of you?  Then a Senior Move Manager® should be your next call!  All moves involve planning and effort....

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