Downsizing Essentials: Four Key Things to Hang Onto

Starting a large project like downsizing can feel daunting.  You understand why you're doing it.  You realize it's the right thing to do.  And you know it will improve your quality of life.  So how do you get it done without losing your sanity?  Without feeling...

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4 Tips to Ease a Senior Transition to an Assisted Living Community

"Growing old is not for the faint of heart"  I can't tell you who coined this phrase but it's unquestionably true.  And when your parents can no longer live safely at home, it's time to step up their senior transition plan.  Because moving to an assisted living...

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Three Ways to Help your Aging Parents

It's hard to see our parents slow down as they age. It doesn't happen overnight, unless they incur a serious health issue, such as a broken hip or stroke. Generally, it's a gradual process.  A "senior" moment here and there.  A progressively cluttered home.  A ding or...

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