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Time to move into your future?  

“Less Space is the New Place”!       

” I Love Moving”… Said No One Ever!


Let’s face it: moving is hard work.  It’s more than just packing boxes.  It demands a plan.  It needs attention to details…lots of them!  It’s time-consuming.  It requires numerous decisions.  No wonder why so many of us dread and delay the moving process.  But when you have Casa Logistics at the helm, we create a customized master plan and oversee all the moving parts for you!

We excel in being a trusted resource for those who find themselves unwilling or unable to undertake a physical move on their own.  And why should you?  It’s not easy nor is it fun to sort through & organize all by yourself.  Especially when a downsizing move is in the works…that’s a whole new ballgame!


What’s a Move Manager?

We’re not the movers:  We hire the movers!  We orchestrate it all… from space planning, downsizing & packing, to move oversight, unpacking & setup…we do it all so you don’t have to!

Folks of all ages utilize our services! But with our Senior Move Manager® accreditation, Baby Boomers who are rightsizing & transitioning from a single family home to a hip condo, a smaller abode or an older adult community really appreciate our specialized training.  The space size may be the same but the layout is different.  We minimize the stress factor that escalates when multiple decisions are necessary in the space planning process.  You can focus on enjoying the next chapter of your life!  Check us out & let’s chat today!

You can trust us!


I need move management to downsize
 “It’s time to downsize but I don’t know where to begin.”
I need move management to get rid of stuff I don't use

  “I’ve got stuff I won’t use and it’s taking up a lot of space!”

I need move management to give up the burden of mantaining my current home

“We’re ready to be closer to city center for all it has to offer!”

“I knew it was time to move from my large home of 47 years but I didn’t do anything for quite a while because I didn’t know where to start! My son, David, is always helpful but he’s very busy and he wouldn’t know how to deal with everything either. Fortunately, these gals were undaunted. I watched with amazement as my belongings were sorted, organized and packed. Everything went so smoothly! The next day, David drove me to my new patio home and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like a model home but with all my things in place. My pictures were hung, the dishes, pots and pans were in the kitchen cabinets and my clothes were hanging in the closet. Wow! This was the best decision I made and I love my new 55+ Community.” Bonnie B. Scottsdale



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